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What they are saying about the results of alkaline drinking water.

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  • Alkaline water and a strong immune system goes hand in hand. Nazir Avdiyah’s ironizer-filter machine makes the best tasting alkaline water I’ve ever tasted. It’s critical to drink alkaline water daily to protect your immune system and stay younger longer. Alkaline water along with Yah’some Living (a raw vegan diet) is the key to protect us against heart disease, obesity, cancer, AIDS, diabetes, arthritis, mental senility and a host of degenerative diseases that plague our culture. I love drinking alkaline water daily, every time I drink it I’m giving my body the healthy boost and a gift of nature it needs to remain healthy and disease free. Praise Yah for your knowledge and support Nazir Avdiyah.

  • Nazir Bakeeyah says:

    After one month of drinnking the alkaline water my skin began to get really bright and clear, I also lost 15 pounds since June 1st. I would recommend this water for the nation. We all must start working towards eternal life and life is in the water we drink and the food we eat. Thank you so very much Nazir Avdiyah for introducing the yahtastic water into me and my family’s life.

  • Patrick Taylor says:

    I have been using this Alkaline water from Nazir Avdiyah and helped me to reduce my Hemoglobin A1C in 3 months time from 10.8 to 6.4. I thank God for the ability to improve my health in such simple way. My Doctor said to me after seeing the test was that “I was putting him out of business and he’ll be losing me as a patient. Any diabetic should give this a try immediately. I welcome anyone’s comments.