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Alkaline Water is electrical in nature. It has what is called a left spin so it has an extra hydrogen electron on it’s outer shell. What that means is it can attach itself to free radicals, toxins, acid, and waste and flush it out quickly. This leads to reversing the aging process and will completely get rid of arthritis, lower blood pressure if it’s high, increase energy, clear up the skin, increase intracellular hydration, replace depletion of essential minerals, stabilizes and protects the cells, helps to maintain normal blood flow and Ph, flushes out and prevents waste from accumulating in cells, and prevents free radicals from Forming.

Also, alkaline water is highly absorbent, normalizes a person’s physiological balance, assists in building a healthy physical constitution, acts as a flavor enhancer for foods and beverages, boils quicker and more evenly, eliminates harmful amounts of pesticides when vegetables and fruits are soaked in it before cooking or eating.

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