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Alkalinity and your blood

February 19, 2012

 Blood is always slightly alkaline (or at least it should be!). As the only transport system for nutrients to every part of your body, blood cannot afford to be acidic. It needs to stay within a pH range that will

maintain resistance to decay or putrefaction, and growth of malevolent organisms. Hence pH 7.365 is the ideal environment in which micro-organisms remain in co-existent or symbiotic harmony with the body.

Allow the blood to shift slightly either way and results will be felt in every part of the body. Beneficial microforms die, and aggressive microforms sustained by an acidic environment begin to multiply and

mutate, taking the form of aggressive, parasitic and pathogenic agents.

Scientists studying live blood using dark field microscopy can see the changes in the blood taking place and correlate it with the progression of the disease process.

They witness a repetitive pattern unfolding that has prompted them to state that the over-acidification of the body, caused by improper eating and living, causes a proliferation of antagonistic microforms which debilitates the body and, if not corrected, may ultimately cause our demise.


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