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Alkaline and the Stomach

December 3, 2011

To expound on my previous article the benefits of alkaline water, I want to provide some details on what happens when the body consumes alkaline water and how the stomach reacts and changes from an acidic state to an alkaline state.  First and foremost ionized water levels have a pH level between 7 and 10. Alkaline nourishment is believed by many to be less destructive on the human body than acidic foods.

Among the people who question the validity of alkaline water, the biggest question is; “What happens when I drink alkaline water?  People, who have some knowledge of the human body, including medical doctors, ask this question. Let me answer that question once and for all to erase any doubts about the benefits of alkaline water.

The inside of our stomach is acidic.  Depending on your blood type it could be highly acidic or low to moderately acidic.  The acidic nature of the stomach kills all kinds of bacteria and viruses.  Because of this, it is suggested by Nazir Nekhrahiyah at Yah’some Living not to eat and drink at the same time due to the job of the stomach acidic climate to kill those bacteria and viruses.  However, she suggest that you drink alkaline water 2 hours before or 1 hour after eating a meal; doing this will assure that those acidic juices are doing their job.

The stomach pH value is maintained at around 4. When we eat food and drink water, especially alkaline water, the pH value inside the stomach goes up. When this happens, there is a feedback mechanism in our stomach to detect this and commands the stomach wall to secrete more hydrochloric acid into the stomach to bring the pH value back to 4. So the stomach becomes acidic again. When we drink more alkaline water, more hydrochloric acid is secreted to maintain the stomach pH value. It seems like a losing battle.

However, when you understand how the stomach wall makes hydrochloric acid, your concerns will disappear. A pathologist friend of mine gave me the following explanation. There is no hydrochloric acid pouch in our body. If there were, it would burn a hole in our body. The cells in our stomach wall must produce it on an instantly-as-needed basis. The ingredients in the stomach cell that make hydrochloric acid (HCl) are carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and sodium chloride (NaCl) or potassium chloride (KCl). NaCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + NaHCO3, or

KCl + H2O + CO2 = HCl + KHCO3

By looking at the pH value of the stomach alone, it seems that alkaline water never reaches the body. But when you look at the whole body, there is a net gain of alkalinity as we drink alkaline water. Our body cells are slightly alkaline. In order for them to produce acid, they must also produce alkaline, and vice versa; just as a water ionizer cannot produce alkaline water without producing acid water, since tap water is almost neutral.

When the stomach pH value gets higher than 4, the stomach knows what to do to lower it. However, if the pH value goes below 4, for any reason, the stomach doesn’t know what to do. That`s why we take Alka-Seltzer, which is alkaline, to relieve acidic stomach gas pain. In this case, hydrochloric acid is not produced by the stomach wall, therefore, no alkaline buffer is being added to the blood stream.  Instead of taking Alka-Seltzer, which is highly processed and unnatural, simply drink alkaline water from your ionized water machine.

Ionized Water is very alkaline and helps balance the body’s pH, which tends to be acidic because of many people have a diet comprised of cooked foods, pasteurized, and processed foods. Many things that are available for consumption (including bottled water) are acidic. Soft drinks are the most acid substance a person can put in their body.

I have also read that this acidic condition creates an ideal environment in the body for disease to thrive. For example, accumulated acid waste in the joints can lead to inflammation and arthritis. However, ionized Water, which can be very alkaline, may dissolve accumulated acid waste and help return the body to a balance. Keeping the body alkaline is the first line of defense in fighting any disease, because disease thrives in an acidic environment.

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